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The Bishops Omelet is a mouthwatering ensemble of premium ingredients that come together to create a culinary masterpiece. A harmonious blend of tastes and textures, this delicious dish demonstrates the restaurant’s  dedication to providing a great dining experience.

Prepared with precision and passion, the omelet features: Sausage, ham, hardwood-smoked bacon, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and melted jack & cheddar topped with sour cream. Savory sausage adds a rich and robust flavor to the omelet. Tender ham slices contribute a touch of saltiness and a delightful meaty texture, elevating the overall taste profile. Crispy and smoky bacon lends a distinct and irresistible aroma and the caramelized onions bring a subtle sweetness and depth of flavor. Juicy and vibrant tomatoes balancing the flavors. Sautéed mushrooms provide an earthy undertone. A melted jack and cheddar cheese blankets the omelet, infusing it with a creamy, gooey goodness that ties all the ingredients together. The dollop of velvety sour cream crowns the omelet, offering a cool and tangy contrast to the warm and savory filling.

To complete the dining experience, the Bishops Omelet is served with your choice of either golden-brown home fries or crispy hash browns. Additionally, you have the option to select your preferred bread, adding a delightful touch of warmth and texture to the meal.

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991 Waterbury Falls Dr, O'Fallon, MO 63368, United States
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