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veggie omelet

When it comes to breakfast or brunch, there’s something undeniably satisfying about a well-prepared omelet. At Bishops Restaurant, the Veggie Omelet is a shining star on the menu.
The omelette is lovingly filled with a combination of earthy mushrooms, aromatic onions, vibrant mixed peppers, and tomatoes. This medley of vegetables adds a burst of color and flavor that transforms your breakfast into a delightful, nutrient-packed experience. What’s an omelet without a slice of warm, toasted bread? You can select your choice of bread to accompany your Veggie Omelet, whether it’s a fluffy, buttered croissant, a hearty slice of whole-grain toast, or a flaky, buttery biscuit. The options are as diverse as the flavors in your omelet. The combination of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, the addition of creamy avocado, and the ability to customize your choice of sides and bread makes this dish a standout on their menu. Whether you’re a devout omelette lover or someone searching for a hearty, healthy breakfast option, the Veggie Omelet at Bishops Diner is a must-try.

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